Workers Comp Insurance

Everyone needs a superhero.

Let us be yours.

In 1982, the Construction Suppliers Association of Georgia formed the CSASIF to assist our members in resolving workers' compensation problems.  The goal of the CSASIF is to provide a stable source of quality workers' compensation coverage for members in Georgia.  The CSASIF is member owned and governed by a member elected Board of Directors.

The CSASIF is administered by Georgia Administrative Services, Inc. and has a conservative management philosophy with an emphasis on personal service and long-term relationships. 


Who Do We Serve & Protect?

From construction to HVAC, members of the CSASIF come from a variety of building material businesses.  With the help of the association, CSASIF members work together to advance common goals and address common problems.

High workers' compensation premiums and lack of quality service is a major concern for all members.  Rising insurance costs drain valuable resources away from client services.


Do you have clients in the building material industry?  If so, as an independent agent, you want to refer your clients to a company that can best suit their needs.  The CSA Self Insured Fund specializes in workers' compensation insurance for a broad range of building material industry members.  Interested in referring a client to the CSASIF? Call CSA at (678) 674-1860.


Price: Competitive, stable pricing makes the CSASIF an attractive alternative to the ever changing traditional insurance market.  Program options include deductibles, drug-free workplace credit with certification and premium discounts.

Potential Dividends: The CSASIF began in 1982 and has paid over $10,321,565 in dividends to participants.

Security: The program is protected from large losses through the placement of excess insurance with an A.M. Best "A" rated carrier.

Stability: The CSASIF uses rigorous underwriting criteria for member acceptance.  Once accepted, you will be joining a select group of peers who share a commitment to workplace safety.

Claims Handling: Claims are managed in an aggressive and cost effective manner by our administrator's professional claims department.  Light duty, return to work programs and subrogation recoveries are actively pursued. 

Loss Control:  The CSASIF policyholders receive professional loss control services tailored to the construction supplier field at no additional charge.  These services are coordinated by our Association and Loss Control Manager, and include job site surveys, loss control recommendation and training. 

Medical Case Management:  Nurse case management is utilized on lost time claims to facilitate effective treatment programs and early return to work.  Other cost containment services include provider bill review to reduce medical costs to the Georgia fee schedule and any PPO network discounts available as well as utilizing a pharmacy benefits manager to help manage the ever increasing cost of prescription drugs.  

Marketing:  Coverage with the CSASIF is available directly through the Construction Suppliers Association of Georgia and through independent agents throughout the state.  Our staff and agent force consists of knowledgeable insurance professionals who are qualified to advise you on your insurance needs.