Driver MVRs Must Have Proof of Medical Certification

Victor ShellBy Victor Shell
CSA Director of Safety & Transportation

Did you know that carriers are required to obtain MVRs on drivers to verify that the state has received their med card status?  Your answer should be YES!

In fact, the MVR document that you are required to have in your DQ file should verify that the driver is medically qualified. This was a permanent change to the regulation that became effective in January 2012.  As of January 2015, the medical card itself can only be used for 15 days from the date it was issued.  This regulation has been strictly enforced during 2016!

Speakers at the 2017 FMCSR Drug/Alcohol Clearinghouse seminar stressed the importance of keeping your files up to date. I want to ensure that all CSA members are double checking the MVRs they have on file and are compliant with this regulation.

When your drivers obtain their new medical cards, the examiners should submit them to the state DMV. The information is then reported on the MVR.

Many of our members check driving records annually at the beginning of the year. That's great, but you must also check to be sure their medical card information is reported on their MVRs. Make a note of the expiration date for each medical card.

If a driver’s medical card expires during the year, you should pull an MVRs again, after the expiration date, to ensure the medical card information has been renewed.  If not, your drivers will be downgraded placing them out of compliance, and causing you unnecessary penalties and fines later.  

Remember that after Jan. 30, 2015, a copy of the medical examiner's certificate submitted to the state has a two-week expiration date. You may only use it as proof of medical certification for 15 days after the date it was issued. An MVR will be your proof after the initial 15 days.

Be sure to double check!

Here is an example of the Medical Information that should show on the MVR:

  • Medical Certificate Received & Expiration Date
  • Medical Restrictions & Expiration Date
  • Medical Examiners Name
  • Medical Examiners Phone
  • Medical Examiners License Number
  • Medical Examiners License State
  • Medical Examiners National Registry Number

Questions? Contact Victor Shell, CSA Director of Safety & Transportation, at 678-674-1860