The “People Part”: How CSA Tools Can Make it Easier

By Katie Bodiford
CSA Director of Meetings & Membership

If there is one thing about working with independent businesses that I enjoy the most, it’s the people part. Whether it’s a “mom ‘n pop” operation in a rural area or a larger company with multiple-line yards, there is a common vibe among our members — a genuine care for their people. Although we focus a lot on acquiring and retaining customers, the people I’m referring to are folks who make a company tick:  the employees.

In our quest to meet the continually-evolving needs of our members, CSA is focusing on ways to help our members develop and streamline resources to effectively manage the human resources function in their business. An often-overlooked area in the strategic plan of most companies, the management and development of your workforce can be an untapped source of efficiency improvement and a key to the overall health of a company.

Darrell Beck, a Certified Management Consultant with over 30 years helping family businesses wrote, “Beyond the required expertise to deliver the usual HR services – recruiting and staffing, training and development, performance evaluation and promotion policies, compensation and benefits, and employee relations, to name a few – HR management in family-owned businesses offers its own unique challenges.”

To help you address these challenges while maximizing long-term profitability, we are developing a comprehensive HR Tool Kit. This online resource is designed to address issues such as hiring and firing, performance assessments and recognition, as well as strategies for succession planning and risk management. Our goal is provide you with a “one-stop shop” for all your HR needs — all specifically tailored for our industry.

And, to help us debut this new resource, as well as add a networking element for those performing similar job duties in our member companies, CSA will host its first-ever HR Summit May 16-18 in Birmingham, Ala. The day-and-a-half event will cover all of the topics in the HR Toolkit with a dual focus on the “people part,” as well as regulatory and administrative issues such as insurance, compensation, training, hiring and firing. How do you recruit competent employees and create an environment suited for retaining quality individuals? How can you be sure that your compensation packages are not only equitable within your company but also fall in line with similar industries in your geographic area? We’ll touch on these issues and more — it’s an info-packed seminar the HR professional in your company will not want to miss!

No matter the size of your company, the HR role is one you cannot take for granted. In many small towns, family-owned businesses are not only vital to the employees but they can be a lifeblood to the community as well. Take advantage of the tools and training CSA will be providing in the coming weeks on this important subject. Focusing on the “people part” is not only a tried-and-true method of running a healthy company, it’s just good business.