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October 25, 2017

CSA's Safety Program Scores a Win for Dealer After OSHA Complaint

Jim MoodyBy Jim Moody, CAE
CSA President

We’ve showcased our new HR services a lot recently, and for good reason. We are quite excited about offering this new program, and many of you have already taken advantage of it. But today I’d like to focus a little on something we’ve offered for quite a while – our safety services.

Recently, we had a situation that I think really exemplifies how meaningful our safety program can be for members.

A member company, that generally does a decent job with safety, terminated an employee. That employ walked away somewhat unhappy and felt compelled to contact OSHA to let them know about some things he thought were deficient in the company’s safety program.

As you might imagine, the result in your safety program, having OSHA notify you that they are coming to take a look will make you lose some sleep.

The company was unsure what would happen. What rights does OSHA have in this situation? Is the scope of their investigation limited to the complaint? Can they show up without notice? Can they interview employees? Can company leadership be present throughout the visit? What kind of exposure does the company have?


Don't Wait! Deadline to Join the New Store Manager Roundtable is Nov. 10

CSA is now forming its third Store Manager Roundtable, serving dealers located in Mississippi and Louisiana, and you still have time to join us. If you are interested in having your store managers participate, please click on the link below and submit a participation form by Nov. 10.

Dealers have consistently rated CSA roundtables as one of the best member benefits we offer.The atmosphere is open and honest, and your staff won't be placed in a roundtable with direct competitors. Ken Wilbanks will facilitate this new group, bringing more than 35 years of experience in LBM, hardware and home-center operations.

We will limit participation to 10 companies and 20 people. No company may send more than three participants, but we have a separate offer for companies with more than three people.

Click below for more information and the participation form. If you have questions about this (or any) of the CSA Roundtables, contact CSA President Jim Moody at [email protected] or (678) 674-1860; ext. 105.


Nominating Committee Announces 2018 CSA Board Nominations

The CSA Nominating Committee met in early October to develop a slate of nominees for the 2018 Board of Directors.

Turner Townsend of Townsend Building Supply in Enterprise, Ala., was nominated to serve as chair-elect and automatically ascend to the chair position the following year.

Dan Etzkorn of Hughes Lumber in Muskogee, Okla., was nominated to serve a three-year term as treasurer. Dan was slated to serve as chair of the Oklahoma Lumbermen’s Association before merger discussions commenced.

Jason Terry of City Lumber in Huntsville, Ala., was nominated for a full three-year term as the Alabama board member. Jason came on the board in 2017 to fill the last year of an term that was vacated early.

Jonathan Kennedy of T.H. Rogers Lumber in Edmond, Okla., was nominated to serve as the Oklahoma board member.

Ann Marie Chilcutt of New Home Building Stores in Columbus, Miss., was nominated to serve as an at-large board member.

The nominating committee included:


8 Tips for Handling Customer Complaints Like a Pro

By Shari Harley, President
Candid Culture, Inc.

No one likes to hear people complain, especially people who go on, and on, and on. But there is a reason people complain for longer than may seem necessary. For the most part, the people who sound like a broken record don’t feel heard. And when people don’t feel heard, they repeat themselves, again, and again, and again.

Last week I had a horrible experience in a hotel. I called the front desk staff to voice my concerns with how an incident was handled. Her response: “Ok….ok….ok.” I wasn’t satisfied. So the next morning I spoke to the front desk manager. She responded by explaining why her staff had done what they did. Still, no apology or demonstration of understanding my frustration. So I went to the hotel general manager, who did all the right things. She listened and apologized. She didn’t defend or explain. And then I stopped escalating my complaint.

Here are a eight tips for how to handle customer complaints:  READ MORE

Don't Let Your Business Go Up in Smoke

Federated LogoFires that hit businesses come in all sizes. They can occur anytime, anywhere, and from a variety of causes. They don't discriminate.

Spontaneous combustion, heating and electrical systems, smoking, poor housekeeping, the storage of flammables and mechanical equipment continue to be the most frequent fire causes across all industries, and are often the result of missed opportunities to recognize and remove the hazard. But sometimes, hazards can be easy to miss.

Read more for ways you can educate your employees and prevent fires.  READ MORE


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