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July 25, 2018

Are You Prepared for the Inevitable Downturn?

By Jim Moody, CAE
CSA President

Jim Moody

So the signs of a downturn are out there. We all know that the cost of building materials is getting pretty steep. Interest rates, though still historically quite low, are beginning to rise.

And just last week I saw a report that June housing starts dropped off 5 percent compared to last year. Coupled with what could be an international trade war, it’s starting to look like our happy time might have an expiration date.

Regardless of whether it’s a month from now, a year from now, or three years from now, anyone in this industry for more than a minute understands it╒s cyclical. Hopefully the next downcycle won’t be nearly as devastating as the last, but as sure as the earth spins, there’s a downturn coming sometime.

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Waiting for Annual Conference Registration Materials?

By now, all CSA members should have received the latest information about the 2018 CSA Annual Conference and Trade Show, as well as the Advanced Estimating Pre-Conference Course, by mail. If you don't have your packet yet, however, contact Donna Yon at 678-674-1860 or [email protected], and she'll put one in the mail right away. Or check out al the details online at

This year, we'll gather Sept. 19-21 at the beautiful Hilton Sandestin Beach Resort & Spa on the sugar-sand beaches of Florida's panhandle. Be sure to register and reserve your room early because we know rooms go quickly!

We've arranged excellent educational sessions during the conference, and you can check in with your suppliers or check out new vendors and the newest products at the Expo. Of course, we'll have social events everyone loves.

If you're interested in sponsorship opportunities, check online for a complete list of prices and options.

We'll have much more information for you in upcoming Blueprint and Framework issues, but you'll want to save the date and plan to attend this year's conference. Go ahead and register to save your spot.


What to Consider Before Accepting B2B Credit Cards

By Patrick Redd
Basys Processing

Many companies are still unsure whether accepting business to business credit card payments is the right move. Here are some important things you need to consider...


What Kind of Mess Are You Leaving for Your Kids?

Federated LogoMost Baby Boomers have spent their lives accumulating. Today’s younger generations tend not to accumulate assets the way their parents and grandparents did. What’s more, they often don’t have an interest in family heirlooms (their parents’ junk).

Why put the burden on your children to get rid of your stuff when you die or move to a smaller, simpler lifestyle? It might be time to start decluttering and decumulating.

The following are some tips for decluttering your financial life:


If You Have a Data Breach in Louisiana, New Reporting Laws Take Effect Aug. 1

To respond to the privacy and financial security concerns of its citizens, Louisiana has updated its laws governing reporting requirements after data breaches. The amendments go into effect on Aug. 1.

What do you need to know? 

The amendments:
• Expand the definition of personal information to cover additional sensitive and identifying information;
• Require entities to notify afected Louisiana residents within 60
days of discovery that a data breach had occurred;
• Modify the criteria for substitute notification;
• Impose requirements for the preservation of personal information, as well as data destruction.

If you have questions about data breach requirements, contact
Yeva Clark at 470-512-1788 or [email protected]


How Business Owners Can Survive - And Profit From - the New Higher Wage

By Bryan Borzykowski

Earlier this year, 18 states and 20 cities saw their minimum wages rise. Maine experienced the biggest jump, a $1 increase to $10 an hour, while seven states, including New York, had hourly rates climb by 50 cents. The changes took effect in January, but many businesses are still figuring out how to survive — and even thrive — in the wake of these hikes.


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