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June 14, 2017

Introducing CSA's New HR/Workforce Development Program (and New Staff Member!)

Jim MoodyBy Jim Moody, CAE
CSA President

It’s been an exciting week at CSA World Headquarters in beautiful downtown Tyrone. Not only have we added an employee, we’ve also added a whole new service for members. I’m pleased to report that Yeva Ducas is our new Director of Human Resources and Workforce Development.

In a normal company, you’d think Yeva would be internally focused, helping us develop HR systems within the office. But we are far from a normal company, and that won’t be her job at all. Instead, she will be externally focused, helping members like you. In the same way that Victor Shell helps members understand risk and improve safety, Yeva will help members develop and institute HR systems. And like Victor’s services, this program is included in your dues. There is no separate fee for seeking her help. READ MORE

CSA Annual Conference & Expo Materials Coming Your Way ... Soon!

It's time to register for the 2017 CSA Annual Conference & Expo!

Conference information and registration materials should arrive at your location next week, so keep an eye out for them!

Technology Webinar Series Continues with Tips for Email, Microsoft Apps

Chris Rader presented the first of three technology webinars this week. He will continue on Aug. 15 and Oct. 10. Each session is $69 and the content is tailored to your business.

The next session will focus on our default communication tool -- email. Find out how to best utilize your email platform to maximize efficiency and how to take advantage of the internet for more than just surfing.

In October, Chris will show you how to use your Microsoft applications more effectively. You'll learn to use your apps to increase your productivity and efficiency.  READ MORE

Advanced Estimating Workshop Added as Pre-Conference Workshop

CSA has added a new pre-conference workshop on Sept. 12-13 -- just before the Annual Conference in Savannah. The course will be offered at the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa.

The Advanced Estimating Workshop is designed to provide a better understanding of residential framing, as well as to increase efficiency in completing material estimates. This class will go beyond basic house design and focus on the difficult areas of completing framing take-offs.

Conference information and registration materials will be on their way to you very soon. Don't miss this opportunity!

Employment Screening Trends and Pitfalls

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Business in most industries continues its upward trajectory in 2017, and companies are hiring at a brisk pace. With the increased urgency in hiring, some companies have found it necessary to hire first, ask questions later. This can be risky. Employers should be aware of and minimize potential liability during their hiring process.

Background Screening
Background checks can be useful to help employers make personnel decisions. An employer may, where appropriate, ask questions about an applicant’s background or require a background check. But there are some risks involved.


This CEO Hopes to Make Homebuying the Next Major Millennial Trend

By Julian Mitchell, Contributor

Most millennials agree they would rather purchase a home than rent, but are often faced with a different set of challenges than previous generations. A recent study revealed that 32% or millennials made the decision to continue living at home in 2016. Network Capital Funding wants to change that by making the process of getting home loans less daunting.


What Happens When Your Small Business is Hacked?

By Chris Schueler, Guest Writer

Although headlines seem to focus on large name brands, according to studies, 71 percent of cyber attacks occur at businesses with fewer than 100 employees, showing small businesses are just as much at risk, and the pressure spans IT teams far and wide.

So, what repercussions do IT professionals fear the most and what can small businesses and startups do to prepare for a data breach when it happens to them? READ MORE


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