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May 10, 2017

CSA Self-Insured Fund is Doing Well, But Why Should You Care?

Jim MoodyBy Jim Moody, CAE
CSA President

The CSA Self-Insured Worker's Comp Fund Trustees recently declared a dividend of more than $325,000 for our members who participate in the Fund. Of course, you probably know that the Fund is only available to our Georgia members, but every single member of CSA reaps some benefits from the Fund's success.

The most obvious benefit is our safety services. Without the Fund, and its inherent need to promote safety, we probably would not have a full-time safety staff member. There is nothing we offer that I hear more positive comments about than the safety services.

Victor Shell does an outstanding job helping members with a wide variety of safety issues. READ MORE

Softwood Lumber Dispute Escalates Between U.S. and Canada

By Ben Gann, VP of Legislative & Political Affairs
National Lumber & Building Material Dealers Association

NLBMDA logoIn April, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced it is placing countervailing duties on softwood lumber imports from Canada to the U.S. Levies ranging from 3 to 24 percent are being applied on softwood lumber from five Canadian companies. As part of the preliminary decision, all other Canadian softwood lumber producers and exporters will pay a rate of 19.88 percent.

A preliminary decision by the Department of Commerce on antidumping duties is scheduled for June 23. A final CVD and AD determination is scheduled to be issued no later than Sept. 6. READ MORE

CSA Safety Academy Kicks Off With OSHA 10 Course, More to Follow

The CSA Safety Academy started its 2017 training with the OSHA 10 Course last week. Still to come, however, are  Hazcom/Industrial Hygiene and DOT, Safety & Alcohol Training. CSA Director of Safety and Transportation Victor Shell will lead all three classes.

Aug. 16-17 “Hazcom/Industrial Hygiene” in Tyrone, Ga.
Sept. 12-13 “DOT, Safety & Alcohol Training” in Savannah, Ga.

The Hazcom/Industrial Hygiene classes will be held at the CSA office in Tyrone, Ga. The DOT, Safety and Alcohol Training session will be held in conjunction with the CSA Annual Conference at the Westin Savannah.

Cost per workshop is $149.   READ MORE & REGISTER

Save the Date -- NLA To Host Annual Mill Tour in Maine

The Northwestern Lumber Association is finalizing plans for its annual Mill Tour. This year's tour will go to Maine on Oct. 1-6. The tour is open to anyone in the building material industry across the nation.

Join fellow lumber yard dealers on this exciting tour and learn about the lumber and building product industry in the northeast. You'll also tour must-see attractions in the area.

Full details, including pricing, itinerary and registration, will be available in June. For questions, contact Jodie Fleck at 763-595-4058 or email [email protected]

You Sell Experience Whether You Realize It or Not

By Mark Asquith, Guest Writer

I took my little nephew to Meadowhall (one of England's largest shopping venues) a few weeks ago. A shopping center like Meadowhall is always busy on a Saturday, yet the traffic in one store struck me. Out of hundreds, this store was markedly busier than any other.

A week or so later, I went to Meadowhall again, this time for a last minute birthday gift -- don't judge me. This was a late night trip. After a long day at work, I got there around 8 pm. The place was empty, relatively speaking. But as I walked past the very same store that I mentioned above, I noticed that it wasn't empty. It was thriving, bustling and had only around 30 percent less people than at the peak time on a Saturday afternoon. READ MORE

Things to Consider Before Extending Credit to Your Customers

By extending credit to your customers, you give them the option to purchase products or services today and pay for them at a later date. When your business accepts credit card payments and personal checks or invoices customers, it is essentially extending credit on the assumption that customers have the funds to pay for the transaction.

When you extend credit to customers through card payments, the credit card company manages the risk. When you extend credit through invoices or personal checks, you are responsible for verifying and accepting payments and managing the risks that come with them.

Extending credit through invoices is common in some industries such as construction or manufacturing, but may not be practical for every business. To decide if extending credit is right for your business, weigh the associated rewards and risks.  READ MORE


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