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February 8, 2017

84 Lumber Highlights Critical Issue for LBM Industry with Super Bowl Ad

Jim MoodyBy Jim Moody, CAE
CSA Executive Director

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the Super Bowl – other than the fact the Falcons were in it – was an ad for 84 Lumber. The ad focused not on selling building materials but on attracting new employees.

A press release from the company explained their thinking: “Our industry is going through a period of extreme disruption,” [owner and president Maggie] Hardy Magerko said. “And I’ve always preferred to be the one doing the disrupting, rather than the one being disrupted. But to do that, we need to hire and train people differently. We don’t need more people interested in doing the same thing that’s always been done. We need more people interested in creating their own path for themselves and for 84 Lumber.”

The goal of the 90-second ad was to attract males between the ages of 20 and 29 into the 84 Lumber management training program.  READ MORE

Federated Insurance Offers Free Succession-Planning Webinar

Federated LogoFamily Succession Planning
Tuesday, February 21, 2017
12:00 p.m. Eastern Time
1:00 p.m. Central Time

Advance Registration Required

When most people hear “estate planning,” they think of planning to avoid estate taxes. However, for more than 99% of people, the federal estate tax is no longer a concern (although state level estate taxes may still be an issue for some). There is a lot more to estate planning than taxes.

That’s why family succession planning better describes this process. It includes decisions about who will receive which assets, when they will receive those assets, and who will have authority to make financial, medical, and end of life decisions for you if you can’t.

Join us for this free webinar on Feb. 21! Remember to register before the event!  READ MORE

First BisTrack & Spruce Users Groups to Meet in March -- Space Still Available

The Users Groups for BisTrack and Spruce are scheduled to meet next month, and a few slots are still available.

Chris Rader will be facilitating both groups. We don’t know of anyone in our industry with the depth and breadth on technology that Chris possesses. He owns a company that provides technology consulting and hosting services for our industry. His experience gives him a unique knowledge and perspective to lead these groups.

While the facilitator is important to the success of the groups, we all recognize that the knowledge shared by others using the system will also be critically important. Chris will certainly bring knowledge into the group, but we’ve asked him to facilitate rather than teach, and that’s a big distinction. Seeing how other people tackle the same issues you are facing to get the most out of the software will be a big part of the meetings.

The cost of the meetings is $259 per person. Anyone using either BisTrack or the newer version of Spruce and who has a leadership role in technology should attend.

How Do I Register?


Registration Open for Women in Lumber Leadership Retreat

This retreat helps women in our industry meet the challenges of leadership while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Participants will enhance their ability to influence others, learn effective conflict resolution techniques and develop leadership and management skills. Participation is limited to 15. Online registration is now open.

Dates: March 31 to April 2
Location: Margaritaville Resort, Biloxi, Miss.


CSA Adds Optional Intro Class to Estimating/Takeoff Workshop

CSA has added an optional class to the Estimating/Takeoff Workshop as an introduction to the industry. The intro class can be a stand-alone day or can be used as a lead-in to the two-day workshop. Online registration is now open.

Instructor: Casey Voorhees
Location: BlueLinx Training Center at CSA office in Tyrone, Ga.

    March 21 “The Nuts and Bolts of Building Material Sales”
    March 22-23 “Estimating/Takeoff Workshop”


5 Unique Recruiting Ideas that Paid Off Big Time

By Amy Rees Anderson, Contributor

Attracting the best and the brightest people to join your company is the goal of any good leadership team, but finding those people requires serious creativity in your recruiting efforts.

Typically the strongest talent out there is going to be gainfully employed somewhere else. So the challenge becomes finding the people who are not out looking for a job or out browsing the classifieds. Then, once you find them, how do you compel them to apply with your company?

During my time as CEO of a very fast-growing company, I found myself constantly dealing with these questions. I continually needed to find new people, and I needed them fast – but what I wanted most was to get the attention of employees who were currently employed elsewhere.



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