One of the most powerful ways to learn how to succeed in business is through sharing best practices with others. Especially in times like we are experiencing right now, it's even more beneficial to band together and share helpful tips with those facing similar challenges.

This is an ever-growing list of what we've learned from our members now facing the COVID-19 threat. You'll see a few common themes and maybe learn a few unique solutions folks are trying to stay in front of this issue:

  • Outside sales reps staying out of office and limiting job site calls
  • No visits from vendor reps
  • Controller set up at home with full ability to continue operations, payroll, etc.
  • **Biggest adjustment:  No customers inside store. Set up two tents in front of building with 
    tables for 3 employees with laptops. Computers have BisTrack loaded and they can serve
    walk-up customers by inquiring about needs and pulling from store. Encouraging call-ahead
    orders so they can pre-pull and have waiting upon arrival.
    --T.H. Guerry Lumber, Savannah, Georgia

  • Split employees into A,B,C teams (drivers, inside sales and yard crew) -- only
    interact with their assigned person from other teams to limit exposure
  • Surgical gloves at check-out (especially handling money)
  • No sharing phones or computers
  • Drivers get pictures of delivery tickets instead of signatures
  • Closing on Saturdays temporarily
  • Continual sanitizing of store
    --Griffin Lumber, Cordele, Georgia 

  • Increasing the frequency and extent of regular cleanings, performing additional cleaning of high touch surfaces and objects.
  • Hand sanitizing stations located throughout. Providing health-promoting resources in stores to maintain a safe shopping experience. 
  • Drivers given disinfecting wipes and sanitizer--instructed to clean their hands before and after a delivery – and to wipe down their trucks.
  • Any team member that can work from home will do so.
  • Encouraging call in or email orders when it makes sense to do so.
  • Suspended all non-essential vendor & customer visits.
  • Cancelled or postponed all company events until further notice. 
  • No longer requiring a signature on delivery. Delivery photos will be used instead.
  • Keeping team updated about what actions they can take to stay well and ensure the wellness of those around them.
  • Relaxed attendance policies and have temporarily revised emergency pay policy to protect pay for impacted team members.
    --City Lumber, Huntsville, Alabama
  • Continual spraying/wiping down all surfaces
  • Offering employees PTO if they are uncomfortable working
  • Watched CDC webinar on 3/18/20 on COVID preparedness
  • Special focus with employees on hygiene, hand washing, etc.
  • In manufacturing areas, spacing employees (i.e. instead of two employees
    building a specific pallet, separating and they build a pallet each)
    --Builders Supply, Ft. Payne, Alabama

  • Outside sales & inside sales coordinators working from home
  • Reviewing all procedures and cleaning all stores
  • Communicating with all employees on how virus is transmitted
  • Reinforcing common sense practices on hygiene
  • Using Clorox wipes (although inventory is limited) to keep areas sanitized
    --Short & Paulk Supply, Tifton, Georgia

    "Our retailers have been taking extraordinary measures to protect their staff and customers. Many of them won’t allow contractors in the store. They have to phone in their order and then pick it up curbside. Some retailers aren’t taking cash only credit so they don’t have to touch money. One member located in upstate NY who is following CDC guidelines, built a plexiglass shield around his cash register area as an extra precaution."
    --Northeastern Retail Lumber Association